Adapted Books Project

Adapted Books are a special form of book used by the differently abled. Through a Literacy for Life Fund grant, the Foundation was able to help bring adapted books to the Winnipeg Public Library’s collections. This unique collection continues to offer families greater opportunity for sharing books and stories at home. In addition to the literacy benefit, the books function as teaching tools for topics such as health and wellness, consumer awareness, recycling, and more. There are 227 adapted books at Millennium, which can be checked out via request at any branch.

Some examples of Adapted Books in action:

  • Non-verbal youth used the Picture Communication symbols (PCS) to read
  • A 50 year old woman with Down Syndrome read an adapted book as her first independent reading experience
  • A young girl without disabilities used the PCS software at home to write her own stories, using adapted books as inspiration

These books have been very well received. The common thread among the responses of users is the enhancement of people’s quality of life through their access to adapted books.