Green Walls

A Green Wall is a vertical garden that is designed to grow indoors. These screens of lush foliage are visually soothing, and help balance humidity and improve the indoor climate. They include integrated irrigation, lighting, and drainage systems to ensure the plants flourish.

Green walls, however, are more than just a beautiful interior design feature. They help reduce noise, and improve indoor air breathability by removing carbon dioxide and adding oxygen. Plants also filter the air around them by absorbing and cleaning pollutants. This natural effect is multiplied by the sheer number of plants in living green walls.

In addition, our indoor environments often contain toxins that are the inevitable result of modern building materials and products. This is of particular concern with the increasing number of people working indoors; a reported 80-90% of North Americans spend a significant period of the day inside. Adding plants can improve the indoor air quality and interior green walls do just that, but on a much bigger scale that can benefit building inhabitants.

Being surrounded by plants reduces stress and increases the psychological well-being of people in the building - these innovative indoor gardens are both beautiful and functional. 

Most green walls are designed with a drip-irrigation system, which uses water very efficiently, and is set up using an automated system that times the irrigation to minimize water waste. Some even use recirculation systems, where water that trickles through the system is returned to a tank and reused.

The Winnipeg Library Foundation is working to raise money to fund Green Walls in the Fort Garry Library and in the new Transcona Library, which will open in 2018. Each Green Wall will cost approximately $25,000; systems are presently being researched and considered and more information will be available to our donors as it becomes available.

We know that anyone who has ever wished for the sight and smell of greenery during a frigid Manitoba winter will appreciate this project!