Millennium Library Materials

It wasn’t enough to merely build the Millennium Library building. Our library system encompasses 20 branches and serves hundreds of thousands of library cardholders. Millions of books, reference volumes, audiobooks, e-books, CD-ROMs, magazines, videos, and multi-lingual materials are accessed every year. At the heart of the library system is the Millennium Library, situated downtown. It is the central branch and the administrative heart of the entire library, providing cataloging, processing, distribution, and other services. It is the busiest library in the city. Its collections support all the branches by providing new materials and efficient distribution, and provides the strong foundation of the entire Winnipeg Public Library service.

Library and book lovers  gave generously to help us buy more materials for our library – more history, more reference, more foreign language materials,  more fiction, and more vivid, memorable stories to fill the shelves. Books in all of their many wonderful forms – CDs, audiobooks, videobooks, and other media.

What is a library? A gateway to the future, a repository of knowledge. A place to learn and grow. A place to be amused, educated, captivated, and inspired. The Winnipeg Library Foundation’s Fill the Shelves Fundraising Campaign helped build the most important part of the library: books and materials, at the heart of the Public Library in Winnipeg.